Rose Drew

Rose Drew is a poet and anthropologist, at home in a lab, a classroom, or a stage. Rose is a public speaker, editor and book publisher, events manager, and has co-hosted the York Spoken Word Poetry & Prose open mic since January 2006. Rose and her partner Alan are founding members of York Literature Festival and Ryedale Book Festival: during the 2015 Ryedale festival, Rose was delighted to interview Stephen Kelman about Man on Fire. She’s recently chatted with Fiona Mozley and Andrew Michael Hurley and had so much fun!  Rose brings her performer’s spark to events, and to sales meetings, moving along events and getting books into hands.  Also, since Rose is an immigrant, is partly disabled and has an adult autistic child, she can understand some of the issues associated with disability, making a fresh start, and being heard.   
As a poet, Rose has supported Buddy Wakefield, Rob Auton, Kate Fox and other luminaries, and performed at York Literature Festival, Ryedale Book Festival, the Edinburgh Fringe and Ilkley Fringe among others. Rose is a not-so-young woman who writes about sex, death, skeletons, politics, parenthood, and can be funny but not hahaha funny. She’s won a few slams.